Blue Elephant Farm

Our fresh produce is grown exclusively for us at Blue Elephant Farm, a privately-owned organic farm in Newtown Square. Mitch plans with the farm what produce is grown, and then takes trips to the farm 5 days a week to pick fresh produce that shows up across the menu every day.

The 75-acre farm on the outskirts of Newtown Square supplies the ingredients for many items on our menus. Indeed, much of what you'll experience at Supper was harvested earlier that day—by Mitch himself. We've re-imagined the farm-to-table concept: our chef actually goes to the farm to hand-pick the produce that winds up on your table later that day.

This partnership between Supper and Blue Elephant Farm is just another way that we strive to bring you the most unique dining experience.

To learn more about Blue Elephant Farm products, visit Eat Blue Elephant.